Tiempo que ud lleva usando Excel 6 a 11 meses
Frecuencia de uso de Excel diariamente
En una escala 1 al 3:
¿Cómo ud se clasificaría en cuanto a sus destrezas usando Excel?
  bajo medio alto 
Cómputos matemáticos, aplicar fórmulas 
Uso de distintos tipos de gráficas 
Resumir, agregar, analizar datos 
Crear informes 
¿Cuáles son las destrezas prioritarias que desea aprender de Excel? Pivot tables
Destrezas: Sugiera otras destrezas que no estén en la lista...

These are the main elements in this study that influence the particular strategies that have been used in this study. According to Lapan, Quartaroli, and Riemer (2012) different research methods have different capabilities based on the nature of the research.

            In this study, the used strategies have been selected for their ability to effectively explore the practices and strategies of diversity management of Wal-Mart in china. The presentation of the methodology is such that it allows the audience of this research paper to understand how information is sourced and analysed, hence how the reseaerch paper is strucutured. The chapter begins by exploring the methodology where it explains thee qualitative approach that has been used in this study. It explains the strenghts and limitations of the methodology therefore generating an understanding of the relevance of the selected approach for this study. The methodology chapter explains the alternatives that are available to the researcher as well as why the particular research methods that were used were selected. The chapter then discusses the research design that was used for the study explaining why the descriptive and case studies have been selected as the main research designs based on the qualitative methodology approach. The chapter then explores the techniques that have been used to collect the first hand and the secondary data for this research. Under this section the survey questionnaire method which has been used is explained as well as the criteria used to select the participants for the research. How the data is analyzed is also outlined in this chapter but explored further in the following chapter. The chapter concludes by discussing the ethical considerations that the researchers made when collecting and presenting the data for this study. The effectiveness of the ethical consideration is that it helps enhance the reliability and credibility of the presented information through explaining how possible limitations to the presented information have been mitigated.   

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¿Qué tipos de datos debería incluirse para que este tutorial de Excel más interesante para ud? Datos censales
Sugiera otros ejemplos de conjuntos de datos que puedan incluirse:
Inclusión de recursos: videos:
¿Qué tipos técnicas/destrezas de trabajo deberían incluirse en videos?
Pivot tables
Otras destrezas a sugerir para hacer videos:
Bases de datos:
Dado que los datos presupuestarios están montados en una herramienta para bases de datos:
¿Le interesaría que se incluyan conceptos de bases de datos?