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​The region of Canakkale, which rides the Dardanelles stream in northwest Turkey, is a region rich in legend and dream. According to one of these dreams, the stream associating the Aegean and Marmara seas was made by the sea god Poseidon, who split the land isolated, allowing the waters to hustle through.

The city of Canakkale on the south bank was called Dardanos or Dardania by the Hellens after its amazing creator Dardanos, the offspring of Zeus and Electra, and his grandson Ilos set up the famous city of Troy 30 kilometers southward.

The Canakkale Strait, as today is known, rivals the Bosphorus Strait with respect to critical events ever, which it has seen. For example, the Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great crossed the stream on his course eastwards in 334 BC. In 1353 AD, Sultan Orhan Gazi crossed the alternate path all through developing the energetic Ottoman Empire.

In Ottoman events Canakkale was known as Kale-I Sultaniye or Sultaniye Castle, after the valide (ruler mother). He set up the city according to the well known seventeenth century Ottoman creator Evliya Celebi. The château was worked during the standard of Sultan Mehmed II, who vanquished Istanbul during the fifteenth century. Evliya Celebi furthermore unveils to us that the twin château on the north side of the stream was worked during the reign of Mehmed IV in the second half of the seventeenth century and called Kale-I Hakaniye or Imperial Castle. Evliya Celebi portrays Canakkale as having such fine air and water that its inhabitants were much of the time of fantastic brilliance, and the men 'as imposing as Algerian mariners'. He says that the city had various ranches and develops and was praised for its grapes, grape juice, wine, pickles grapes, grape molasses, and meatballs. We should add that Canakkale is moreover prominent for its breeze, which attracts immense amounts of windsurfers to the Aegean shoreline of the district all through the pre-summer months.

Canakkale is indistinguishably associated with two wars. The initially was the unfathomable Trojan War, which happened around 1200 BC, and the second the Gallipoli Campaign, which happened here 3115 years sometime later. The Battle of Conkbayiri and Colonel Mustafa Kemal, as Ataturk was by then, hit home with respect to the last referenced. The folksong, which begins, 'The Aynali Bazaar in Canakkale/Mother I am made a beeline for the fight to come the enemy,' is a memory of those hopeless events.

The Canakkale Campaign Museum in the château, the estate mosque, Canakkale Clock Tower, Yali Han, and Fatih Mosque are the city's central sights. Traveling southwards out of the city, make a point to stop at Intepe. Beginning here, there is an explosive see over the stream, the Aegean, and the Gallipoli Peninsula on the opposite shore. Here history and nature are weaved, the fantastic Canakkale War Memorial climbing from the Cape of Hisarlik at the southern uttermost purpose of the projection. In pre-winter, the vista is exceptionally brilliant, when the purplish blue waters of the stream are laid out by the problematic lavish shores of green pines and the impacting reds and yellows of the deciduous trees.

Continuing past Troy, you go to a sign showing the way to the island of Bozcaada and the out of date city of Alexandreia Troas, which was set up in 310 BC. Taking this road through pine woods and past towns convey you to Geyikli, where vehicle ships make standard trips to the island, an outing of 25 minutes.

The ordinary Ayazma Festival in celebration of the grape gather occurs here reliably some place in the scope of 26 and 29 July. From the north shore of Bozcaada can be seen Turkey's greatest island, Gokceada (Imroz), to which there is a customary ferryboat organization from Canakkale. South of Alexandria Troas, alluded to neighborhood people as Eski Istanbul Ici, is the Smintheion Sanctuary, whose Temple of Apollo is one of the three most superb asylums in Turkey.

Further south is Turkey's westernmost point, near the town of Babakale at the mouth of the Gulf of Edremit. To come the gulf, you should take the crucial road which crosses inland and returns you to the coast at the outdated city of Assos, where the little town of Behramkale lies on a shaky incline, at the most elevated purpose of which are the stunning leftovers of the Temple of Athena.

From this vantage point, the Aegean stretches southward and west, around the east is the wide round section of Kadirga Bay, and northward, a rich green valley. Exactly when you look straightforwardly down from the safe-haven to the coastline, you can perceive the marbles of the indented harbor sparkling greenish-blue under the water.

Kaz Dagi, the old Mount Ida, which rises northward of Edremit, was where the world's first greatness challenge happened by one of the various dreams and legends related with the mountain. Inland among Assos and Canakkale lie the towns of Ezine, Bayramic, and Ayvacik, where neighborhood women from the once in the past nomad Yoruk factions of this district sell kilims.

Various spots worth visiting in the region are the town of Lapseki at the northwest mouth of the stream, Biga on the Marmara Sea, Can with its coal mines and stoneware handling plant, Yenice just east of Can set up by the Kizil Keceli gathering, and Bolayir, where the entombment offices of Gazi Suleyman Pasa and the craftsman Namik Kemal are orchestrated.

On the north shore of the stream are Eceabat, site of Kilitbahir Castle, and Gelibolu, celebrated for its sardines and brilliant scene.

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