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With the digitization of monetary markets, one can simply examine the worth of listed shares by going to websites of BSE or NSE. Infact, when you have trading account with any of the brokers then you can even get tick by tick price!

However, the issues usually are not so easy for unlisted shares. As these shares aren't listed on any stock trade and are traded privately; therefore it turns into difficult to verify the going price of such shares.

The drawback is equally acute for sellers in addition to consumers of unlisted shares. The sellers do not know the actual value of their shares and need to depend on the costs given by varied sellers / market makers. Similarly, the consumers also don’t know how a lot to pay for the unlisted shares.  The apps of depositary members (NSDL or CDSL) also show the holdings at face value therefore, it becomes troublesome to know the true value of such unlisted shares.

Moreover, getting quotes from multiple dealers of unlisted shares can also be a task in itself. And if someone needs to sell directly to an involved buyer, then finding such consumers is even greater task. Therefore, many individuals who own such unlisted shares are unable to get truthful value of their investments and end up both holding them forever or promoting them at decrease prices. Similarly many buyers end up buying unlisted shares at greater costs and remorse later, when they're unable to promote them.

These issues at the moment are being solved by Prastaav, where you will get price quotes from a number of sellers as well as direct buyers and sellers. This can provide you an idea of the going worth that you could anticipate on the time of buying or selling. You can also publish necessities or availability of unlisted shares free of charge and get calls from multiple involved buyers / sellers. The process may be very easy

1.    Just register at Prastaav.com together with your e mail.

2.    After verification of e mail, post your advert for free

three.    Sit back and chill out while you get calls from interested patrons and sellers!

Therefore, Prastaav.com not only helps in value discovery purchase also helps you communicate to a number of sellers / consumers before doing the precise transaction.

Why you need to check the value of unlisted shares?

- First and the foremost, the unlisted share value is the prime determinant of the time of entry or exit of the inventory from the portfolio of the investor. It helps you determine whether or not you are getting the inventory cheaper or expensive.
- The price of the share also decides the general value of holding within the portfolio and the allocation. Therefore if the investor knows the true price of his holding then he can apply higher judgment to portfolio allocation.

- Unlisted share price transfer a lot at the time of outcome declaration or announcement by any firm. If the announcement is related to fund elevate, acquisition, expansion or new business and so forth then value fluctuates much more. At such times, it becomes troublesome to know the true worth of the unlisted shares. And if somebody has to trade then figuring out the true worth helps so much. For example: Paytm Share price moved up substantially when Reliance industries raised capital from abroad in year 2020

- If the investor is aware of the price of unlisted shares then he also can calculate the return he has generated over his investment. This helps them compare the efficiency of their unlisted share portfolio with the listed share portfolio and determine future course of action.
- For instance: if you realize Reliance Retail share price, then it will be easier for you to decide whether to buy it or not, what number of shares to buy and when to rebalance your portfolio.

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