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​Anyone who has watched the Star Wars movies and dug into the franchise's vast canon knows that lightsabers — elegant vitality swords, weapons for a more civilized age — are available in a variety of colors. For probably the most part, Jedi wield sabers which are blue or inexperienced — colors that represent the 2 greatest schools of thought inside the Jedi Order. Green is mostly chosen by the Consulars, who focus on their mental data of the Force. Blue is most often seen within the palms of the Guardians, who focus on studying fight and becoming warriors. Those who have aligned themselves with the darkish side, most notably Sith Lords, flash purple lightsabers in fight. And as for purple lightsabers? Mace Windu's violet-coloured blade was only launched to the franchise as a result of actor Samuel L. Jackson put in a personal request to Star Wars creator George Lucas for a lightsaber bearing his favorite shade. And when does Samuel L. Jackson not get what Samuel L. Jackson wants?

Yellow lightsabers and the Sentinels

The crystals solely take on a shade as soon as they have been gathered and a bond between the crystal and the saber's person has been formed through the creation of the weapon. There's even been an occasion by which a yellow saber was produced from unstable pink saber crystal, when Jedi Jaden Korr purified it and the crystal turned yellow, granting him his third lightsaber.


Just just like the blue and green lightsabers, the yellow lightsaber is related to an essential college of thought inside the Jedi Order: that of the Sentinels (via Ultra Sabers). Star Wars lore explains that the Sentinels seek a stability between the Consulars and the Guardians, and also want to educate themselves on different more sensible features of life such as tracking methods and espionage. Unlike some others in the Jedi Order, Sentinels acknowledge that the Force is not truly the answer to every little thing.

A yellow lightsaber is an ideal match for Rey due to what the saber means

In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey discovers that she's truly a Palpatine — the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), to be actual — however fights again against her so-described "destiny" by summoning the vitality of all the fallen Jedi that got here earlier than her, destroying Palpatine and serving to to win the warfare in opposition to the First Order as soon as and for all. When Rey returns home, she reunites with Finn (John Boyega) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), embracing them in a bunch hug and sharing a moment of emotion for all they have been via.

She then heads off to Lars Homestead on Tatooine (Luke Skywalker's residence planet) and buries Luke and Leia's sabers, as she would not need them anymore given she's constructed herself a brand new one. We see a flash of her yellow saber, and then when a local asks for her name, she responds, "Rey Skywalker." She is the Skywalker who rose — not because she's a member of that well-known family by blood, but as a result of she's a Skywalker by selection. Rey having a saber of her own design marks the conclusion of her story so far, and it makes sense that it might look unlike any other saber in the film sequence thus far.

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